Top 12 unknown Prometheus exporters to use in 2022

Top 12 unknown Prometheus exporters to use in 2022
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Blackbox Exporter

prometheus-blackbox-exporter 5.8.0 · prometheus/prometheus-community
Prometheus Blackbox Exporter

Cloudwatch Exporter

prometheus-cloudwatch-exporter 0.18.0 · prometheus/prometheus-community
A Helm chart for prometheus cloudwatch-exporter

Event Exporter

kubernetes-event-exporter 1.4.8 · bitnami/bitnami
Kubernetes Event Exporter makes it easy to export Kubernetes events to other tools, thereby enabling better event observability, custom alerts and aggregation.

Falco Exporter

falco-exporter 0.8.0 · helm/falcosecurity
Prometheus Metrics Exporter for Falco output events

GitLab CI Exporter

gitlab-ci-pipelines-exporter 0.2.14 · mvisonneau/mvisonneau
Prometheus / OpenMetrics exporter for GitLab CI pipelines insights

Health Exporter

health-exporter 0.3.4 · snapp-cloud/health-exporter
Find, install and publish Kubernetes packages

Helm Exporter

helm-exporter 1.2.2+6766a95 · helm/sstarcher
Exporter for helm metrics

PageSpeed Exporter

pagespeed-exporter 1.1.1 · helm/softonic
Pagespeed Exporter

PVC Exporter

pvc-exporter 0.1.3 · kais271/pvc-exporter
Find, install and publish Kubernetes packages

PVE Exporter

prometheus-pve-exporter 1.0.2 · christianknell/christianknell
A Helm chart for bootstrapping a PVE Exporter. Uses ServiceMonitor to collect metrics.

YACE Exporter

prometheus-yace-exporter 0.5.0 · helm/mogaal
A Helm chart for YACE exporter

x.509 Certificate Exporter

x509-certificate-exporter 1.20.0 · enix/enix
A Prometheus exporter for certificates focusing on expiration monitoring

Of course there are many more Prometheus exporters you should know of and use in your production environment to ensure a good operational state: